Pc-Engine GT/Turbo Express Capacitor Replacement set


Pc-Engine GT / Turbo Express Capacitor Replacement set

Capacitor included:

4.7uF 50v  x2

10uF 16v  x1

22uF 16v  x1

33uF 16v  x2

100uF 10v  x6

100uF 16v  x3

470uF 16v  x1

47uF 16v  x1

PS: 1 unit of 4.7u F 35v can be Replaced by 4.7uF 50v, 1 unit of22uF 6v can be Replaced by 22uF 16v, 1 unit 100uF 6v can be Replaced by 100uF 10v, 1 unit 47uF 6.3v can be Replaced by 47uF 16v ( both have same function )

changed all Capacitor on GT / Turbo Express can fix the sound problem and the display function 

New condition.

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